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The Governor's Cabinet

The Governor's Cabinet is comprised of the heads of the 26 departments within the Executive Branch. These directors, are appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Senate. Each commissioner or director is responsible for the oversight of his or her agency. An equally important responsibility of all Cabinet members is advising the Governor on subjects related to their respective agencies.
Governor John P. de Jongh, Jr. convenes a meeting of his cabinet on October 18, 2011 at Government House on St. Thomas. 
Members of the Cabinet
You can find contact information for each agency, here.
Department of Finance
Commissioner Angel E. Dawson, Jr.
Department of Justice
Attorney General Vincent F. Frazer
Office of Management & Budget
Director Debra Gottlieb
Department of Education
Commissioner Donna Frett-Gregory
Department of Public Works
Commissioner Darryl A. Smalls
Department of Housing, Parks & Recreation
Commissioner St. Claire N. Williams
Department of Police
Commissioner Rodney F. Querrard, Sr.
Department of Property & Procurement
Commissioner Lynn A. Millin Maduro
Department of Tourism
Commissioner Beverly Nicholson Doty
Department of Agriculture
Commissioner Dr. Louis E. Petersen, Jr.
Department of Labor
Commissioner Albert Bryan, Jr.
Department of Health
Commissioner Darice Plaskett
Department of Human Services
Commissioner Christopher E. Finch
Department of Planning & Natural Resources
Commissioner Alicia Barnes
Department of Licensing & Consumer Affairs
Commissioner Wayne L. Biggs, Jr.
Division of Personnel
Commissioner Kenneth Hermon, Jr.
Office of Collective Bargaining
Director Valdemar Hill, Jr.
Internal Revenue Bureau
Director Claudette Watson-Anderson
Department of Fire Services
Director Steve Brow
National Guard
Adjutant General Renaldo Rivera
Director General Elton Lewis
Inspector General
Inspector General Steven G. van Beverhoudt
Department of Veteran's Affairs
Director Morris D. Moorehead
Economic Development Authority
Chief Executive Officer Percival Clouden
Bureau of Information Technology
Reuben Molloy
Bureau of Economic Research
Wharton Berger 
Motor Vehicle Bureau
Director Jerris T. Browne