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Government Employees Retirement System (GERS)
Authorized by Title 3 V.I.C. 715

Title 3 V.I.C. 715 Government Employees Retirement System

(a) The Virgin Islands Government Employees Retirement System is established as an independent and separate agency of the Government of the United States Virgin Islands. The Board of Trustees shall be composed of seven members who shall be appointed by the Governor with the advice and consent of the Legislature. Two members shall be appointed from a group of at least six persons who are members of the Central Labor Council, active members of the Government Employees Retirement System, and who have been recommended by the Executive Committee of the Central Labor Council. One such appointee shall be a resident of the District of St. Croix and one such appointee shall be a resident of the District of St. Thomas-St. John. Of the remaining five members, two shall be a retiree of the Government Employees Retirement System, elected through a process to be determined and conducted by the system, and at least one shall be an active member of the Government Employees Retirement System; provided that two such appointees shall be residents of the District of St. Croix, two such appointees shall be residents of the island of St. Thomas and one shall be a resident of the island of St. John. Each member shall serve a term of five years. No member may serve more than two complete terms. Any vacancy shall be filled in the manner of the original appointment for the unexpired term. Notwithstanding the date on which any member's term expires, all members shall serve until their successors are appointed and approved. Members may be removed for cause. Notwithstanding section 65a, of this chapter, members whose terms have expired shall continue to serve until their successor is nominated by the Governor and confirmed by the Legislature of the Virgin Islands. All members of the Board of Trustees, who are employees of the Government of the United States Virgin Islands or of any of its instrumentalities, shall be automatically granted administrative leave to attend Board meetings or whenever they are in the process of conducting any official business of the Board of Trustees as designated by the chairperson of the Board.

(1) Each trustee shall take an oath of office that so far as it rests upon him he will diligently and honestly administer the affairs of the System, and that he will not knowingly violate or willfully permit to be violated any of the provisions of law applicable to the System. Such oath shall be subscribed by the trustee taking it, and certified by the officer before whom it is taken, and immediately filed with the Lieutenant Governor. Appointed members shall receive $75 for each day or part thereof spent in work of the Board, but no member shall receive more than $5,000 in any fiscal year. Trustees shall also be reimbursed by the System for all necessary expenses that they may incur through service on the Board. Appointed government members may elect to receive the remunerations as provided for in this subsection or any other remuneration to which they would otherwise be entitled for working on the Board. 

(2) With the exception of the two members from the Central Labor Council, members of the Board of Trustees shall have at least five years experience and a[t] least a bachelor's degree in any of the following: investment banking; economics; finance; insurance; law; medicine; accounting; actuarial science; taxation; real estate appraisal or brokerage and securities trading. 

Disclaimer: Any positions advertised here are for public service on a board or commission only and do not constitute employment within the Government of the Virgin Islands. Information we have about you may also be given to Federal and Territorial agencies for checking on law violations or other lawful purposes. Interested persons offering themselves for these vacancies must familiarize themselves with the duties and functions of the board or commission and with the general eligibility requirements for public service on boards and commissions under Title 5 V.I.C. section 65d.

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